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Want to get FIT, LOSE WEIGHT, BUILD STRENGTH or just feel YOU again? 

1. Don't know where to start? 

2. Overwhelmed by all the information available?

3. Feeling yucky... anxious or down?

Let me help you xx

Recognised as one of the top fitness professionals in Cairns, I have helped my clients safely and effectively get into shape not only physically but mentally.

I approach fitness with a patient broad view depending on your lifestyle and barriers. 

I strongly believe that to achieve a sustainable health and fitness lifestyle it not only take physical changes but mental changes as well. 

Do you want to enjoy your life but be fit and healthy in the most balanced manner?

My personalized training regime will make you feel fit, healthy and happy in no time!

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Strengthen your MIND, BODY and SOUL

"Feel YOU Again"

I believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body and a strong and resilient mind.

My aim is to help you identify your goals, understand your barriers / negative behaviours and design the most approachable exercise program specifically for you and your schedule.

I'll be there to guide you every step of the way!

My gentle and empathetic approach to fitness and health will have you feeling great and seeing results in no time.

Don't be SHY send me a message and let’s start training together!

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Face to Face Results 2 x sessions a week 

Meet Lexie, she has been training with me face to face consistently for a bit over 4 months now two sessions a week one Upper and one Lower. With a few sessions missed here and there due to being unwell or holidays. 

Lexie doesn’t follow a strict diet, but eats intuitively and aiming for the food that makes her feel good and reducing things that upsets her tummy or that she is allergic too. 

She has not only grown physically stronger and gained an awesome figure and booty. 

But she has grown mentally stronger as well. 

Here at @bodiesbybethany we don’t focus on the “looks” we focus on the “feeling stronger and healthier” and gaining a positive loving relationship with ourselves so that we can continue your fitness journey in the most healthiest way.

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 8 Week Challenge results

Meet Naomie she did a 8 Week challenge and trusted me with her programming.

She followed specific calories each week and trained 5 x a week at the gym.

Naomie committed 100% cutting our bad food and alcohol for the 8 weeks she worked her butt off each and everyday, even on the days she wasn't feeling it and her results show in these photos. 

Once you commit you are capable of so much more than what you think. 

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"My post partum journey for me was very daunting, it took me 18 months and a few trials with different PTs to find Bethany. I immediately felt drawn to her, she makes the work outs fun, full of laughs yet challenging and result driven. There is an unexplainable ease to her style of training/ teaching always resetting my self talk to speak of my body in a positive and loving way. Each session i feel not only physically challenged, but mentally soothed also. Could not recommend a better PT 🙌🏽"

Lani Canute 


“I’ve only just had my first session with Bethany however she made me feel extremely comfortable. Bethany is so knowledgeable with all things fitness. 

She is very supportive and motivational, not only during the workout but every other day too through her social platforms. She literally goes above and beyond working with you and your individual needs and goals.

Couldn’t recommend her enough ☺️”

Telia Whitchurch 


So let me tell you about this dress. I bought after my first babies birth, maybe when he was like 2. Just for when I'd be fitter, skinnier, lighter ect. I never had the guts to wear it, never felt like I deserved it, I always picked myself to pieces. And I still d. I still pick at my back fat, my belly rolls, I still feel like an imposted in it, like my body isn't perfect enough for it. Working with Bethany has taught me so much. that no body has a perfect body, that I deserve to love myself and be proud of myself everyday, that I can be any weight and look pretty fricking hot! Working with Bethany isn't just working out, it is just as much a therapy session. Your body and your mind will get stronger, more at peace and happier and self accepting. Trust me,  you won't regret it!

Diane Allenet Young

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- Video workouts 
- Personalised just for you 
- Access to calendar to schedule your workouts 
- Track your progress / weights / reps 
- Upload photos fortnightly for check ins 
- Message Your head coach 24/7 
- Personalised tasks and daily habits for your goals 
- Easy and downloadable straight your phone to take anywhere with you on the go 
- Track yours steps 
- Access your meal plan ( if you selected this as an extra ) 
- Access to personalised Macros and calories ( linked and tracked through Myfitnesspal )

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Feel You Again 

As a certified trainer, I offer a wide range of fitness services and training styles. Choose from a wide array of existing training options or design your own. If you can’t find the service you’re looking for, contact me today.

Face to face Sessions - 60 mins

Face to Face sessions will be held at Worlds Gym Cairns MEMBERSHIP IS NOT INCLUDED Or Home Gym

Depending on what you chose and your availability and my availability.

For your sessions please bring a towel and water with you.

Cost: $80 per Session "Receive one free session If you buy a ten pack"


Now only if you want help with nutrition you will need to download myfitnesspal and track what you consume for a minimum of 1-2 weeks, this will help me get a rough idea of your metabolism and whether you are eating enough and enough of the right things.

Please be 100% honest dont leave out any sauce, dressing, butter, takeaway, coffee, shakes or added sugar ect.

Online programming- $49.95 weekly ( Direct Debit - Minimum of 6 weeks with 1 week notice for cancellation )

What you get:

  • Access to Bodies By Bethany App

  • Personalised Exercise program created specifically for your goals

  • 24/7 contact with me via the app for support

  • Accountability and advice

  • Video demonstrated workouts

  • Photo progression Tracking

  • If selected Nutritional guidance and personalised macros and calories

  • Daily reminders Gratitude Messages

  • Calendar in app to schedule workouts to stay organised

Mental Wellness Coaching- 60 mins

60 min Video or phone call or text if you suffer anxiety Cost: $80

**Please not: Non refundable registration fee of $49.95 required upon sign up. Bodies By Bethany Forms to be completed and returned before commencing any exercise**

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A one on one personalised approach to help guide and educate you to become not only confident in the gym but educated with any movement thrown your way.

Face to face sessions are 60 minutes of one on one time where w will access every aspect of your body including any health concerns risks or causes. 

We take patient and accurate planning to make sure we attacking your regime with the utmost care so that you can get the most safest and promising results. 

BBB Face to face sessions are usually a mix of: 

  • Full body session attacking from top to bottom of your body 

  • Lower body focused 

  • Upper body focused 

  • Strength focused 

  • Functional training focused 

  • Or a mix of the above all put together 

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